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Welcome to  WorkoutRoutines.TV  your portal for great exercise  and  workout  routine  videos.  Regular  exercise and a balanced diet are  important  components  of  overall  health.  WorkoutRoutines.TV  provides a variety of exercise routine videos for both men and women including workout routines for legs, chest, back, arms and abs plus cardio workout routines, circuit training videos, interval training, plyometrics and a variety of other workout routines to keep you in top shape.  Enjoy...


     Workout Routines   

If you haven't been performing a particular exercise on a regular basis, your first few workouts should focus more on learning the movement without worrying about the weight or even pushing oneself to exhaustion. After one is comfortable with a particular movement, an exercise can be performed to failure as long as a spotter is nearby. A rep range between 6 and 12 is ideal for strength and muscle building while a higher rep range of 12 to 20 reps with lighter weights would be more suitable for toning and conditioning. Workouts should consist of 12-25 sets depending on factors such as time between workouts, experience, age and personal goals.  While the weight should be challenging, proper exercise form is more important than the poundage used.  Make sure to warm up properly prior to engaging in strenuous exercise.  A warmup should consist of several minutes of walking and some light stretches and/or circular motions of the major limbs.  Also include a warmup set with lighter weights prior to your first heavier set.  Ideally  workout routines should be concluded with a few minutes of lower-intensity exercise.  Expect some muscle soreness after any workout routine which includes a new exercise or workout intensity you are not accustomed to. 

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Please note that many of the instructors in this site's workout videos are conditioned athletes who are accustomed to intense physical activity.  Prior to engaging in any exercise program it is strongly advised that you consult with a physician.  Beginners are also encouraged to consult a personal trainer for guidance in proper exercise form to avoid injury.  With any workout routine, start slow to learn the movement first and with time one can gradually increase the intensity or resistance.  Vary your workout to keep it interesting.  Please send any suggestions on how to improve this site.  For workout videos in Spanish, visit our sister site Rutinas - Spanish video portal of workout routines for legs, chest, arms, shoulders, back, abdominals plus aerobics and diet videos   Enjoy your workout routine...

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