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Workouts for Abdominals / Abs

The abdominals get a lot of attention by diet and exercise programs as many programs emphasize abdominal exercises as a means of losing a certain number of inches off of one's waist in a short period of time.  The abdominal muscles require a higher rep range than other muscle groups and can be trained three times a week if desired.  However, it should be emphasized that the visual effect one desires by engaging in abdominal exercises can only be achieved with a proper combination of diet and exercise.  Lean athletes who engage in other physical activities will normally have good abdominals because of their low bodyfat and the physical strain of the sport they participate in.  So while crunches, situps and leg raises do work the abdominals the dietary component is critical. 

With crunches one should bring the torso toward the knees but not pull on the neck.  With leg raises the knees should be raised toward the torso without using excessive momentum.  Hanging leg raises are an excellent movement for abdominals but are a more advanced movement and not for beginners.  Note also that when doing situps, the hip flexor is involved in the movement if one's feet are pressing against a stationary object.


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