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Jumping rope / jump rope workouts

Jumping rope is an excellent workout as it can be designed for cardio training or modified for interval training and can burn a lot of calories in a short timeframe as it involves both the upper and lower body.  Jump rope workouts also help to build bone density and coordination.  One can modify the step pace, jump with both feet or alternate feet, move forward and backwards, reverse the direction the rope moves in, do an occasional double under (rope passes underneath feet twice with each jump), etc.  Use your wrists to rotate the jump rope and be careful about sharp sidewards movements as they can lead to painful injuries (know this from personal experience).  While the jump rope does need a clear path under your feet to continue, it isn't necessary to jump high.  It just takes a little practice to get used to the jumping movement.  I prefer to use speed ropes but there are a variety of choices available.  Just make sure you have the proper length for your height.  To check this, when jumping note that the rope should just barely touch the surface under your feet.