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Personal Trainer / Personal Training

A personal trainer can be of great assistance when it comes to illustrating proper exercise technique, developing an exercise program which meets a clients goals, encouraging a client to push themselves in their workouts beyond what they might normally do on your own, ensuring that the client's workout routine is varied, tracking training progress, serving as a reminder that diet is an important component of fitness and motivating a client to merely show up at the gym when perhaps they might otherwise skip out.  Personal trainers don't come cheap as rates can run $50 an hour and up at many fitness facilities.  Thus, a client will normally only utilize a personal trainer two to three times a week and often do other workouts without personal training assistance.  Certification as a personal trainer normally comes from one of the following recognized bodies - NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), BOC (Board of Certification), ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), and the ACE (American Council on Exercise). 

An individual seeking a good personal trainer can seek recommendations or observe a personal trainer working with other clients at their local gym.  A personal trainer should have experience training clients in the type of training or fitness goals which the client is most interested in.  Note that a personal trainer's time is limited so if a conflict with an appointment arises, the client will need to either give advance notice or pay for the reserved time.  However, during the training session, personal trainers should dedicate themselves to their clients rather than engage in chit-chat with other gym members.