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Workouts for Shoulders

The shoulder or deltoid muscles are comprised of the front, middle and rear deltoids.  The front (anterior) deltoids are used for pressing movements for chest but can also be isolated with front dumbbell raises.  The middle (medial) deltoids are used for overhead pressing movements and side lateral raises.  The rear (posterior) delts can be trained with bent-over dumbbell flyes.  The shoulder joint is the most mobile one in the human body but also very prone to injury.  Consequently, deltoid weight training should only be done with weights within one's physical abilities, preceded by a proper warmup or chest routine and care should be taken to ensure the shoulder joint is not  overextended at the bottom of the movement - no need to go all the way down.  A spotter is advised for barbell movements.

This video illustrates several shoulder movments - the seated dumbbell press, dumbbell side laterals and one-arm dumbbell front raises 

Barbell overhead press (front) 

Behind the neck shoulder press 

Dumbbell overhead press 

Lateral raises